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The Katedra Secondary Grammar School, Secondary School of Informatics and Arts and Students' Hostel established on 1 September 1998 is a foundation-school granted by the law of Budget Financing.

The Content of Education

The Katedra Secondary School - besides the national curriculum - provides its students with the knowledge of applied-designing and informatics which enables and prepares students for self employed activity in market-economy and provides the necessary professional skills at the same time.
Our most essential task in secondary grammar classes is to provide students with general knowledge to make them capable of taking school leaving exams.

The aim of our School is that after the school leaving exams our students should be able to work creatively in their specific fields, furthermore, make them qualified and skilled to go on to higher education.

What helps in our implementation?

  • Teaching process takes place in small-sized classes and in small groups during in professional lessons.
  • Our school pays greater attention to students suffering from dyslexia.
  • In case of demand we manage to organise extra-curricular programs for students of different levels of abilities.
  • We ensure our students to have the opportunity of taking advanced level exams in extra-curricular subjects including Physics, Descriptive Geometry, Art History and Computer Sciences
  • We award our students for excellent school achievement or community work with a regular monthly grant.